Cracking the SAT U.S. History Subject Test (College Test Preparation)

Everything YOU Need TO Aid SCORE A Excellent 800. Equip yourself to ace the SAT U.S. Background Subject Test with The Princeton Review’s comprehensive review guide—including 3 complete-length practice exams, in depth evaluations of important U.S. historical past concepts, and targeted strategies for each and every query sort.

SAT U.S. Historical past is a difficult examination to prepare for—after all, there’s a great deal of history to bear in mind! Written by the professionals at The Princeton Overview, Cracking the SAT U.S. History Subject Check arms you to take on the exam and attain your highest feasible score.

Methods That Actually Work.
• Tried-and-correct techniques to assist you stay away from traps and beat the test
• Guidelines for pacing by yourself and guessing logically
• Essential tactics to assist you work smarter, not harder

Everything You Need to have to Know for a High Score.
• Skilled subject reviews for every single test subject
• Up-to-date data on the SAT U.S. Background Topic Test
• Score conversion tables for

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