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Become a Rifle Expert – Master Your Marksmanship With US Army Rifle & Sniper Handbooks: Sniper & Counter Sniper Techniques; M16A1, M16A2/3, M16A4 & M4 … Marksmanship Training, Field Techniques… Reviews

This unique e-book collection is comprised of the best U.S. military rifle & sniper handbooks. It provides guidance for the training on different types of rifles (M 24 Sniper Weapon System, M16A1, M16A2/3, M16A4 & M4 Carbine) and all other necessary information needed to become an exceptional rifleman. Get to know characteristics of diverse weapons,

U.S. Master Tax Guide (2011)

Great product! The tax professionals favorite quick reference meticulously researched to cover any issue affecting tax returns. Significant new tax developments are conveniently highlighted and explained. Explanations are footnoted to provide accurate, legally-sound guidance on applying and complying with complex federal tax laws. Includes valuable practice tools to slash your research time: Cross-references to Internal

U.S. Master Tax Guide–Hardbound Edition (2016)

CCH’s U.S. Master Tax Guidebook – Hardbound Edition supplies useful and sensible guidance on today’s federal tax law. This 99th Edition displays all pertinent federal taxation modifications that affect 2015 returns and provides fast and dependable solutions to tax concerns affecting people and organization income tax. The U.S. Master Tax Guidebook contains timely and exact

U.S. Master Tax Guide: 2014

Offers useful and sensible advice on today’s federal tax law. This 97th Edition reflects all pertinent federal taxation modifications that influence 2013 returns and supplies quick and dependable answers to tax queries.

U.S. Master GAAP Guide (2016)

CCHs U.S. Master GAAP Guide assists accountants resolve a lot of complicated accounting and disclosure issues. Superior technical evaluation and practical explanations of accounting ideas are offered in this insightful volume. The Guidebook uses a valuable 3-stage method for each and every topic covered. Very first, fl owcharts illustrate the choice method and accounting procedures.