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Self-Discipline: How to Develop the Mindset, Mental Toughness and Self-Discipline of a U.S. Navy SEAL

Learn the high-level techniques used by the U.S. Navy’s top psychologists to train Navy SEALs into the most self-disciplined, toughest, grittiest warriors in the world. If you would like to have the indomitable will of a U.S. Navy SEAL… and do it even if you’re (currently) lazy, undisciplined and couldn’t motivate yourself out of a

A Dangerous Business: The U.S. Navy and National Reconnaissance During the Cold War – Commemorating Silent Sacrifices – SESP Program, Pueblo Incident, North Korean Shootdown, Turbulent Turtle

Professionally converted for precise flowing-text e-book format reproduction, this exclusive publication outlines the historical past of Naval aerial reconnaissance during the Cold War, and commemorates the numerous veterans of that lengthy, secret struggle, particularly the sailors – fathers, husbands, sons, and shipmates – who gave their lives. During the Cold War, the U.S. Navy was

World’s Best Cushion-Soft Memory Foam Neck Pillows Variety Pack, Charcoal and Navy

Cushion-soft memory foam molds to the shape of your head and neck Lightweight for travel convenience Wrapped in super-soft fabric delivering a plush, indulgent truly feel at an inexpensive value Cover is removable and machine washable Travel Combo Cushion-soft memory foam wrapped in a plush cover the greatest in travel comfort. World’s Best Your Very

U.S. Navy Warships & Auxiliaries Including U.S. Coast Guard: The Complete Guide to the Ships & Aircraft of the Fleet

In the 4 many years given that the final edition of U.S. Navy Warships & Auxiliaries, Steve Bush has tracked the improvement of U.S. technologies and techniques. This edition eliminated many notable ships although adding other new and revolutionary vessels such as the Littoral Fight Ships, the USS Independence, and the Zumwalt-class ships. This pocket-sized

U.S. Navy Uniforms and Insignia 1940-1942 (U.S. Navy Uniforms in World War II Series)

Volume four in the series, this is the very first book of its variety to examine the clothing, tools and accoutrements utilised by the United States Navy through the early many years of World War II. Beginning with the pre-war lineage of U.S. Navy uniforms in the 1920s, this volume chronologically documents Midshipmen’s uniforms, recruit