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The Long Lost Friend: A Collection of Mysterious and Invaluable Arts and Remedies, for Man as Well as Animals: Of Their Virtue and Efficacy in Healing … Time in the U.S. in the Year 1820 (Metalmark)

Johann Georg Hohman’s Prolonged Lost Good friend compiled practical uses of mysterious folk magic and rural home remedies rooted in medieval Europe. Initial published in America in 1820, these techniques derive from Christian theology and shamanistic practices frequently credited to German immigrants. The chapbook exposes the spells, charms, benedictions, incantations, amulets, talismans, palindromes, herbs, elixirs,

Extreme Lifestyle Solutions for Battered Boomers: Hello? U.S. Middle Class? It’s Time to Panic

A manual for helping battered infant boomers cope with an more and more challenging economic and economic setting as well as a perspective on why the U.S. middle class is in this kind of deep and ongoing difficulty

How to Get Started Improving Your Credit: The Inside Information You Need to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Do Things Right the First Time (U.S. Credit Secrets Series Book 2)

[REVISED SEPT. 2014] The greatest way to get commenced strengthening your credit is a three-stage process that requires (1) understanding the essential factors about the U.S. credit score technique, (2) getting copies of your credit reports and scores and (three) creating sense of the information. HOW TO GET Started out Enhancing YOUR Credit score walks

Best U.S. Presidents Through Time

by Dean Hochman Ideal U.S. Presidents Through Time In accordance to the 1st ever Uk academic poll that costs performances of 40 US presidents given that George Washington, Franklin D Roosevelt ranked No. 1 even though George W. Bush was listed in the bottom 10 and Barack Obama was not incorporated in this survey.  

World Time

by Eustaquio Santimano World Time Introduction : What is the World Time. It attributes the Existing time across the Globe. World Time demonstrates the local time in the picked time zone. Time Zone. It is a region of the earth which has its personal common time which is referred to as neighborhood time,Time zones of